The ones that
nobody wants to see

Homeless youth in Skåne

A large number of youth in Skåne are homeless. Many of them have fallen between the cracks, or are not included in the statistics, so they are unable to get the support and help they need. These are the youth that no one wants to see, maybe because no one wants to take responsibility for them.

We can see them, and with The ones that nobody wants to see – homeless youth in Skåne, we want to point out the urgent situation that these young people find themselves in. We also want to emphasise the difficulties that arise when no one cares about creating a complete view of the problem.

When responsible authorities fail to gain a true picture of homelessness, this sends out a signal indicating that it is fine for people to have no basic rights, such as a roof over their heads and food for the day. This is despite the fact that Sweden has signed Agenda 2030, which states that no one should be left behind.


Skåne Stadsmission has existed for more than a century, and our collective experiences around homelessness in Skåne is great. With our report, The ones that nobody wants to see – homeless youth in Skåne, we want to provide both decision makers and the general public with more information regarding the many homeless youth in Skåne.

The ones that nobody wants to see – homeless youth in Skåne, is not an academic report. It is a snapshot depicting a very serious situation. We hope it will open the eyes of decision-makers, since it so clearly shows both the extent of the problem and the devastating consequences homelessness can have for young people.

Here, we summarize our experiences from our collective work with homeless youth. We describe the survey that we carried out in autumn 2018, but we also report on experiences from Skåne Stadsmission as a whole. This includes experiences from the concluded project, Unaccompanied refugee youth (funded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund) and what we see as part of our day-to-day activities.


In March 2018, the current government decided to invest SEK 120 million per year, for 3 years in support of non-profit organisations in their work with homelessness amongst young adults, where mental illness may be a contributing factor in homelessness. Skåne Stadsmission was one of the organisations granted funding, which meant that for a period of time we were able to focus specifically on homeless youth.

In autumn 2018, we implemented an outreach program in order to gain some idea of how many young people aged 18 to 25 are homeless in Malmö, Helsingborg and Kristianstad. We spent time in outdoor environments, talked to young people taking part of Skåne Stadsmission’s open activities and gathered information from other organisations and authorities that come into contact, in a variety of ways, with homeless youth in Skåne. We would like to thank these contributors for sharing their information, however we would like to stress that Skåne Stadsmission is responsible for this content.

The pictures in the report were taken by photographer Åsa Sjöström.